Custom Electronics
for Arduino and more

Mega ScrewShields

Raspberry Pi Screw Shield

Uno Screw Shield

Standalone Programmer Board

32 Mosfet Driver Board, N-Channel

12 Digit, 96 IO Driver Board with TPIC6B595 and  Atmega328P

Atmega2560 Mini Board
2560 & 2561 Mini

Atmega2561 Mini Board

Atmega1284P Mini Board

Atmega328P Mini Board

Atmega1284P Bobuino Board

Atmega1284P On Top Board

Bobuino2 Board with SD, RTC, RS232, and USB

Atmega1284P plus SD Card Data Logger

Bubblelicious Max7219 Display

Max7219 Breakout Board

Relay Board

Uno Relay Shield

Mega Relay Shield

Custom Design Examples

Cross Roads Fencing Center

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Custom Electronics

for Arduino and more.

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 Mega Screw Shield.  All IO brought out to screw terminals, plus additional 5V/Gnd and 3.3V/Gnd terminals, and board mounting holes.

Mega Screw Shield